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Victor Insulators, Inc.

Porcelain Insulators

Victor Insulators

Victor Insulators Inc. are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of porcelain insulators, with proven operation of up to 500kV.

Leading Porcelain Insulators for Substations

Victor Insulators supply a wide range of standard and high-strength alumina and silica porcelain insulators to BS, IEC and ANSI standards.

Standard and High Strength Insulators -11kV to 500kV.

Multi-component versions are also available.

Porcelain Insulators

Porcelain Insulators

High-quality manufacturing since 1893

Originally founded in 1893 by Fred Locke who developed and patented the process for manufacturing wet process porcelain for insulators, Victor Insulators is one of the leading manufacturers of insulators in North America. The company is dedicated to providing quality products and service along with competitive pricing.

Proven insulator performance for over 100 years

Victor Insulators manufactures the widest range of products of any insulator manufacturer in North America, producing insulators for applications of hundreds to hundreds of thousands of volts.

All porcelain insulators are manufactured using the wet process which ensures reliable, trouble-free operation for the life of the installed products. Insulators are available in standard-strength silica porcelain for normal applications and high-strength alumina porcelain insulators are available for severe-duty applications.

Porcelain Insulators

Glass Insulators

Porcelain Substation Insulators for applications up to 500kV

Porcelain Insulators

PACE offers porcelain substation insulators for use at voltages from 11kV to 500kV

Standard strength & high strength porcelain insulators


7.5kV – 69kV

Porcelain Insulators

115kV – 230kV

Porcelain Insulators

345kV – 500kV

Porcelain Insulators

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