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Ofil Systems

Corona Cameras

Corona Detection Cameras

Established in 1993, Ofil Systems is the world-leading developer and manufacturer of corona cameras – optical and digital UV detection and imaging solutions.

Ofil developed the first daytime corona camera in 2000 and has since produced a wide range of solutions for the rail and power industry.


Corona Detection Products

  • Fewer failures through earlier identification of issues
  • Optimise and reduce maintenance costs
  • Supporting commissioning

With their innovative, practical systems, Ofil deliver proprietary technology in solar blind filters, UV optics, and data algorithms; together with precise mechanics & electronics.

Ofil’s DayCor® technology enables daytime visibility of corona within a range of devices from handheld, vehicle, drone and helicopter-mounted through to cameras that are integrated within systems.
Features such as high definition, ruggedization, light weight and integrated GPS, deliver application-specific efficiency and ease of use.

Corona causes degradation of the electrical grid, erosion and decomposition of insulators, and affects mechanical and electrical performance.

Corona Detection Cameras

For Maintenance

Assessment and monitoring of corona enables a more cost effective, safe and minimally-disruptive maintenance programme. Locations that are vulnerable to corona, due to factors such as humidity and contamination, can be identified. Maintenance can be switched from simple time-based to predicted needs assessment. Problems with specific components or design configurations can be identified early and addressed before any costly impact.

For Commissioning

During commissioning, Ofil’s cameras enable significant cost reduction by avoiding project stretch and revisits.

Power Grid and Rail Cameras

Corona Camera

Hand-held corona cameras

  • Indoors/ outdoors, video & stills
  • High performance, high sensitivity, robust
  • HD, unparalleled performance
Corona Camera

Vehicle-mounted corona cameras

  • Long distance, safe, efficient
Corona Camera

Helicopter-mounted corona cameras

  • Advance fiber optic gyro stabilization, multisensors
Corona Camera

Drone-mounted corona cameras

  • Lightweight
  • Live data transmission
Corona Camera

Integrated corona cameras

  • Fitted into housing, assemblies, platforms
Corona Camera

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Train-Mounted Cameras

Corona Detection Cameras

Train-mounted corona cameras

  • Automatic detection, recording and reporting

Standard Features

Corona Cameras

Hi sensitivity to corona

Corona Cameras

Recording & Playback

Corona Cameras

Visible & UV zoom

Corona Cameras

Manual & auto focus

Corona Cameras

Temperature & humidity sensor *except DayCor® Superb

Selected Device-Specific Features

Corona Cameras


Corona Cameras

Light weight, slim

Corona Cameras


Corona Cameras

Solar Blind

Corona Cameras

Remotely controlled

Corona Cameras

Video out to external monitor

Ofil Systems and PACE Networks

Working together with Ofil Systems for the UK and Republic of Ireland, PACE Networks offers:

  • a full range of corona camera products
  • technical and application support
  • training and educational programs
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