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High Speed Rail Solutions from PACE

PACE Networks are ready to stock and deliver a range of SNFC approved high-speed products and systems.

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HS2 Ready Technologies

PACE and our technology partners have extensive high speed rail experience across Europe, making us a highly trustworthy source for any projects involved in building the HS2 network.

Both the Bonomi high speed rail cantilever and Omnia are in service across Europe and offering improved safety, excellent product lifespan and reliability, lightweight technology, simplicity and efficiency of installation and significant whole life cost savings.

Morris Line Engineering offer leading-edge high voltage disconnectors and switches used by rail electrification schemes throughout throughout the UK and Ireland as well as overseas.

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HS2-Ready Cantilevers

High-Speed Rail Key Stats
High Speed Rail
High Speed Rail

Bonomi & Omnia HS2
Ready Cantilevers

Bonomi’s HS2 ready cantilever is in operation across the Belgium high-speed network (LG1 – LG4), offering the benefits of lighter construction, lower maintenance cost and increased adjustability.

Omnia’s HS2 ready system supplies the Italian Railways with a modern range of standardised lightweight cantilevers, providing a low maintenance and adjustable high-speed network.

Both the Omnia and Bonomi HS2 ready systems are supported by PACE Networks

The Benefits of PACE's High Speed Rail Equipment


Improved Safety:
Significantly less time working at height
Reduced risk of installation related incidents

Faster recovery from de-wirements
Reduced supply lead times via PACE Network’s UK stocking
Adapts to changing track and support geometry

Product rationalisation
Asset lifespan extension
Full batch traceability

Product Lifespan and Reliability:
Zero maintenance product
Increased lifespan
Highly resilient insulators

Impact on Public Relations:
High availability network
Fresh and modern image of the railway to the public

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