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Power Grid

PACE Networks Ltd. was founded on 22 November 2011

Join us in celebrating

10 years of PACE Networks

A decade of growth, built on experience in the industry that began in 1960,
with an apprenticeship at the Eastern Electricity Board.

PACE Networks
How can PACE help you?
The origins of PACE go back to the 1960’s, when co-founder, Brian Cullum, started work at Eastern Electricity Board as an apprentice
Forward 30 years or so and Brian is running a successful Power Distributor. He sells this business and later sets up an agency providing Rebosio insulators into the UK market.
That business steadily grows until, in 2011, Brian and his son, Jon, come together to found PACE Networks Ltd.

Over 10 years, PACE Networks develops and grows.

Rail and T&D Divisions are created, a select group of global suppliers become long term collaborators; while innovation, service and partnership are placed at the heart of everything.

39 approvals, including new and upgraded products since 2014. New solutions that deliver real value in commercials, safety and reliability.

PACE Innovation

Benefits delivered include:

Less time working at height
Fewer points of failure
Faster installation
Reduced maintenance

Our understanding & co-operation with suppliers & customers, our experienced people, integrated systems & investments in stocking & infrastructure, all contribute to a real focus on service excellence that is backed by ISO Certification.

PACE Innovation

PACE Innovation

Our partnerships with our customers are as key as those with our suppliers. We work with network operators, contractors and consultants, over the long-term, to deliver real value and change, with whole life considerations.

PACE Innovation

Buon decimo compleanno!
Diego Bonomi, Gruppo Bonomi
Innovation comes in the form of step change or refinement in technology, application or services. PACE has a programme of investment across all aspects.

PACE Innovation

Deliveries at short notice, with significant stocks in our UK distribution facilities, including over 1000 cantilevers, a range of clamps, droppers, insulators, components & fittings.

PACE Innovation

Happy 10th Birthday/ Pen-blwydd
hapus yn ddeg!

Paul Osborne, Morris Line Engineering
Alles gute zum zentel Geburtstag!

PACE Innovation

How can PACE help you?
With a problem-solving attitude at heart, we aim to collaborate with operators and manufacturers in investments toward industry progress
Contractor - ‘Omnia TTC flies up’
Project planning, material management, cantilever and sub assembly re-work and re-certification.
Network Rail - ‘PACE are easy to deal with, listen to us and do what they say they will.’
Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum zentel Geburtstag!
Tridelta Meidensha
Yom Huledet Sameach
Ofil Systems

In 2021, PACE Networks is established as a key industry partner.


Power Grid

PACE work with all 7 of the UK’s major DNO’s and the 3 major TNO’s.

PACE have contributed to new 19 product acceptance approvals in Rail
and 20 Type Approvals for the Transmission Network

Over 20,000 Omnia Cantilevers now installed in the UK.

PACE have supported every major rail electrification project over 10 years with
product supply and when requested, assembly, inspection and material planning services.

Projects include:

Great Eastern  /   HS1  /   North West  /   Cumbernauld  /   Rutherglen and Coatbridge  /   Edinburgh Glasgow  /   Great Western  /   Walsall Rugeley  /   Bromsgrove  /   Sheffield Tram Train  /   Stirling Dunblane Alloa  /   Gospel Oak Barking Midland Mainline  /   Cardiff Intersection Bridge,  /   Barking Riverside  /   Transpennine

Gavin Smith


What is most important as we reach 10 years and look forward to 2022?

Being close to our customers is the foundation of everything we do. We entered stocking and distribution for railway products in 2018 because our customers asked us to - they considered us people they could trust to do a great job where others were failing.

Recently, we have worked with customers to prove that corona camera technology solves real life problems and developed a PACE service offering which makes this solution economically compelling – opening it up to many scenarios for the first time. Alongside investment in our people, this is our focus for 2022.

Gavin Smith, Managing Director

Jon Cullum


What do we expect to look back on in 2031?

We expect the next decade to be a busy time in our industry, as authorities grapple with decarbonisation and the changing nature of power networks.

As well as more of the same (innovations that contribute to safer, more reliable, more efficient networks), PACE aims to introduce specialist services that complement our core technologies; to increase our efforts to collaborate with and support projects; and to further refine our systems and operations for material delivery.

We may also seek out more strategic partners whose offering brings value to operators in the UK and RoI, with system components, sub-systems and services.

Internally we will continue to invest in our team with more opportunities for training and there will be a greater focus on our environmental impact internally. Finally we hope to increase our support of charities and good causes.

Jon Cullum, Founder


Celebrating 10 years of PACE NETWORKS.

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