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Rail, Power and Distribution Insights

New Products in PACE Networks Stocks

12/12/2023 PACE Networks began stocking and distributing rail electrification products in 2018 and is constantly reviewing the range of components and sub-systems held in our warehouse. Read More >

New Heights and Stagger Gauges Available for Demonstration

12/12/2023 A number of UK maintenance and project teams have recently seen a demo of the new Hastec Rail Digital Heights & Stagger Gauges. Feedback has highlighted an improvement in terms of robustness, with features such as a protective distometer housing, its aluminium and composite material body. Read More >

Morris Line Training and Commissioning

12/12/2023 Morris Line Engineering has supplied thousands of manual Rail Track Switches/Disconnectors across the UK rail network, complemented by approximately 1,500 motorised units. While these widely adopted devices have occasionally been assembled on-site from component parts, leading to complications in site setup and operation, Morris Line has collaborated closely with Network Rail to implement measures ensuring consistent installation practices. Read More >

Rebosio Achieves 6kV per mm Insulation Rating

08/12/2023 Rebosio’s HTV silicone insulators remain essentially unchanged since they were first trialled in 1987. However, they are always seeking performance enhancements and after laboratory testing in 2023, they were able to confirm that their silicone housing was able to withstand up to 6kV per mm. Read More >

New Headquarters for PACE Networks

08/12/2023 The team at PACE Networks have been seeking a new home for some time, with the availability of warehousing greatly reduced during the pandemic period. Finally, in January of this year, we signed a contract for a site that was just 400 meters from our previous office, this time with the warehouse attached and more space. Read More >

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