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Tridelta Surge Arresters

High voltage surge arresters up to 800kv

For more than fifty years, Tridelta have manufactured high quality surge arresters from their factory based in Hermsdorf, Germany. Tridelta surge arresters are currently used in more than 100 countries globally performing successfully even under the most severe climatic conditions.
The Tridelta portfolio includes:
  • High Voltage Surge Arrestors up to 800kV
    • Porcelain and Silicone
    • Solid core design, Cage design, tube design
  • Medium Voltage Surge Arresters & Limiters up to 51kV
    • Outdoor and indoor applications
  • DC Arresters up to 4.8kV
  • Transmission Line Arresters
  • Surge Arrester Monitoring

Protecting Your Equipment

Tridelta provides a wide range of surge arresters for the application on high voltage up to 800kV. The product range consists of SB series with porcelain housing and three arrester designs with silicone housing series SBK, SBKC and SBKT. Tridelta designs contain an excellent sealing system to prevent the entry of any moisture, ensuring arresters can perform reliably and free of maintenance operation for decades.

Silicone & Porcelain Housing Tridelta Surge Arresters

Tridelta’s three arrester designs with silicone housing use high-quality LSR-silicon that provide a long life hydrophobicity and UV resistance and ensure excellent artificial pollution characteristics. In comparison to porcelain arresters, silicone arresters have a lighter weight, which enable an easy transportation, minimise the danger of damages during the transportation and assembling stage and allow all variants of installation like. The three arrester designs; Solid Core, Cage and Tube Design differ in their design and setup. Read an overview of the designs here.

Tridelta have manufactured the reliable porcelain arresters of the SB series since 1962. Metaloxide varisotrs with high energy absorption capability and an outstanding sealing design ensures a long service life. Tridelta offer three construction design types and sizes to help provide a suitable option for differing mechanical requirements.

Transmission Line Arresters

Today, more surge arresters are being applied as transmission line arresters besides the typical application as station arresters. Line arresters offer customers an effective and economical option to protect existing and new transmission lines against lightning over-voltages to help increase grid reliability and availability of transmission lines.

Tridelta offers NGLA-type line arresters (Non Gapped Line Arresters) based on the arrester series SBK and SBKC with silicone housing, completed by a variety of corresponding connecting and assembling variants.

Customised Tridelta Surge Arrester Solutions

Aside from Tridelta’s standard portfolio, customised surge arrester solutions are available for a high degree of flexibility of the engineering and manufacturing processes and extensive internal testing capabilities, which allow for Tridelta to create individual surge arrester solutions for customers’ specific application.

New – Unversal Surge Arrester Monitoring

Tridelta’s smartCOUNT solution supports fewer planned and unplanned shutdowns. It not only counts, but gives an historic view of arrester activity, smartly presenting data for comprehensive arrester condition analysis. smartCOUNT is an integrated, cloud-based technology that can be retrofitted to every gapless metal oxide surge arrester, regardless of vendor.

Tridelta Surge Arrestors
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