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PACE Networks does the due-diligence in product selection, we work with quality global manufacturers to deliver both technically and commercially strong solutions to our customers.


The PACE Power Transmission
And Distribution Partners


Rebosio is a leading European manufacturer of HTV Silicone insulators for power transmission and power distribution, with a first-class record for quality and service life. With over 25 years of field experience for their current technology, Rebosio deliver a tried and trusted product to the market.

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RIBE is a leading developer and manufacturer of mechanical fastening elements, technical springs and electrical fittings.

Products Include:
Conductor Fittings • Insulator String Fittings • Vibration Control • OPTOFIT and Helical Fittings.

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Bonomi Group
Bonomi Group

Bonomi are the benchmark for the T&D energy market through the manufacturing and supply of silicone insulators and accessories for low, medium and high voltage applications.

Products Include:
Tension & Suspension Insulators • Anchoring Insulators • Line and Pilot Post Insulators.

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Tridelta provide a range of silicone and porcelain surge arresters for the application on high voltage up to 800kV. Tridelta surge arresters are currently used in more than 100 countries, globally performing successfully even under the most severe climatic conditions.

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OFIL Systems
OFIL Systems

Ofil Systems is the world leading developer and manufacturer of corona cameras – optical and digital UV detection and imaging solutions. Ofil produce a wide range of solutions for the rail industry, avoiding commissioning delays and making maintenance safer, less disruptive and less costly.

Products Include:
Hand, vehicle, drone & helicopter mounted • train mounted cameras

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Victor Insulators
Victor Insulators

Victor Insulators supply a wide range of standard and high-strength alumina and silica porcelain insulators to BS, IEC and ANSI standards. The company is dedicated to providing quality products and service along with competitive pricing.

Products Include:
Standard and High Strength Insulators -11kV to 500kV

Victor Insulators

How does PACE Select its Product Suite?

We work with quality European partners that can deliver value and expertise to the UK & Ireland

Complementary Products


Technical and commercial trends. Opportunities vs Players.



Complete due-diligence both technically and commercially for the UK & Ireland market.

Product Positioning


Enable product positioning and solution development to ensure customer satisfaction.

Whole Life


Ensure products deliver both Whole Life Cost reductions and Whole Life Value improvements.

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