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Rail Electrification Tunnel and Bridge Clearance Solutions

Simplified OLE Installation Underneath Structures

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Existing tunnel and bridge structures can present challenging environments for rail electrification projects. Low bridges, tightly curved tunnels and listed structures often mean that meeting target electrical clearances requires substantial structural alterations. Reconstruction, track lowering or bridge jacking will add significant project costs and disruption for possessions. Many OLE installations under these structures also add an ongoing maintenance burden to prevent leakage and flashovers.

PACE Networks provide a Low Profile Tunnel Solution and a range of bridge arms that will help you to successfully implement smaller overhead line clearances, reducing the need for reconstruction and making significant project cost savings. They are more adaptable to better fit the existing environment, simpler and lighter, meaning they are faster to install, and require less maintenance than alternatives.

Tunnel Clearance

Innovative Cantilevers and Rigid Catenary Solutions for Tunnels

A range of tunnel systems from Bonomi are available to suit your project’s requirements.
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Tunnel Clearance

Low Profile Tunnel Solution by Bonomi

An evolution of Bonomi’s proven rail electrification bridge and tunnel clearance technologies, this solution has been in service in Europe for 5 years. It is suitable for use with the UK Master Series and other design ranges.

Rail Electrification Bridge Clearance

More adaptable and flexible

The new solution fits into existing environments such as tight tunnel profiles and curvatures. The horizontal shed, flexibility in arm angle and adjustable contact wire/catenary position allow smaller clearances between contact wire clamps and the structure surface.

Rail Electrification Bridge Clearance

Simpler and faster to install

The tunnel solution is comprised of fewer components, is lighter than other systems and requires less heavy plant.

Rail Electrification Bridge Clearance

Longer creepage distance

A horizontal shed at the head and HTV silicone insulating cover, with integrated sheds, mean the arm has reduced leakage and a lower risk of flash over. The solution provides better pollution performance and features 10% longer creepage distance than comparable systems.

Rail Electrification Bridge Clearance

Monolithic tunnel arm housing

The High Temperature Vulcanised silicone cover is applied in one single process in Bonomi’s insulator factory. This high quality housing has more than a 30 year track record and is used in solutions up to 500kV. The single mould housing reduces the need for pollution washing and in some applications the arm is maintenance free.


Key Benefits
Significant project savings

Bridge Clearance Solution

Tunnel Clearance

Rail Electrification Under Bridge Arms

The bridge arms available provide the same benefits of improved clearances, faster installation, lower maintenance and whole project life cost savings.

Rail Electrification Bridge Clearance

Compression fitted head

Bonomi’s new “bullet head” design uses a compression fitting that has a quality control process built into the manufacture procedure. The design has been used for development testing by Network Rail is available for a range of designs.

Rail Electrification Bridge Clearance

Monolithic housing

Applied in one single process in Bonomi’s insulator factory, this High Temperature Vulcanised silicone cover has more than a 30 year track record and is used in solutions up to 500kV. This high quality housing lowers the risk of flash-over and improves pollution performance, in some application being maintenance free.

Rail Electrification Bridge Clearance

Other bridge arms

Pace Networks provide other bridge arms from Bonomi including the claw-end arm, with a catenary wire channel; the dome head arm; and the horizontal shed arm with a further reduced profile. Contact PACE for more information >

Rail Electrification Bridge Clearance

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Key Benefits
Significant project savings

Bridge Clearance Solution


Rail Electrification Tunnel and Bridge Clearance Solutions Drawings pack

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See PACE Networks as your project partner; an extension of your team.

We can stock and supply equipment to fit the needs of your project. Avoid the delays that might normally occur due to structure displacement or last-minute design updates. We provide both turnkey systems and point solutions, both of which can make the difference in achieving your project’s aims.

Life Model PACE Networks have long experience of rail electrification projects, working side-by-side with operators, contractors and manufacturers. We support the industry to realise project goals and increase whole life value.

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Rail Electrification Project Partner

Cardiff Intersection – Clearance Achieved Without Track Intervention

The Bonomi insulated bridge arm is integral to the new VCC approach pioneered at Cardiff Intersection. The new design solution was implemented in 2018 for £1m (design and installation combined cost) while reconstruction, lowering and diversion options were costed at between £10m to £50m.

The project won a Railway Industry Innovation Award in 2018 and continues to receive award nominations.

(Source for figures: RIA Electrification Cost Challenge March 2019)

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Surge Arrestors Also Available

Surge Arrestors

Pace Networks supply a range of surge arrestors for power distribution and AC & DC rail applications. Contact Pace for information on our range from Bonomi and Tridelta.


Rail Electrification Tunnel and Bridge Clearance Solutions Drawings pack

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