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Surge Arresters and Arrester Monitoring

PACE Networks Partners hold approvals for distribution and transmission arresters across most UK power network operators.

Voltage Controlled Clearance Solutions

Surge Arresters

Extensive range of MV & HV Arresters

PACE Networks work with manufacturers Tridelta Meidensha and Bonomi Group

High Quality Arresters

built on extensive experience, laboratories and experts

Enhanced Substation Protection

From industry leading arrester monitoring solution

Advice and Service

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Transmission Arresters

Porcelain and Composite Arresters up to 800kV Solid Core, Cage and Tube constructions

PACE Networks’ partners Tridelta Meidensha and Bonomi Group offer leading quality protection for operators high value assets. Tridelta have more than 60 years experience of producing arresters and offer both their proven porcelain SB arresters, and silicone construction arresters of solid core and cage designs. Their arrester knowhow has also produced the outstanding smartCOUNT monitoring solution, giving smart insights on your arrester estate’s health, as well as conventional surge data.

Bonomi Group’s experience of 65 years in composite construction and housing supports their offering of silicone composite arresters.

Both companies offer outstanding expertise in arrester sealing, meaning protection against moisture ingress and high reliability. Their composite products perform strongly in coastal or polluted environments. PACE hold multiple approvals for transmission operators for our broad range of surge arresters, contact us today about your requirements.

Distribution Arresters & Limiters

Porcelain and Composite Medium Voltage Arresters, Cage and Tube constructions

Our partners Tridelta Meidensha and Bonomi Group offer competitive arresters at medium voltage with composite construction. Their silicone housed arresters are UV resistant, lighter weight and perform well in saline or polluted environments. They are available to meet a range of standards and specifications with different creepage or connection requirements and are backed up by expert engineers and laboratory facilities. Arrester monitoring solutions are also available including smartCOUNT from Tridelta with remote data access and real arrester health insights.

PACE hold multiple approvals for distribution network operators for our broad range of surge arresters, contact us today about your requirements.

Rail Arresters and Voltage Controlled Clearances

PACE Networks offer a range of AC and DC arrester solutions including for rail bridges, where Voltage Controlled Clearances (VCCs) have been specified

Our Partners Bonomi Group and Tridelta Meidensha both offer a range of surge arresters for AC traction power. Tridelta offer DC rail arresters up to 4.8kV, with porcelain available in B class specifications and filament cage construction available in both B class and C class specifications. Their high quality DC arresters are type tested to IEC 62484-1, IEC 61373 and EN 45545-2.

Both partners offer surge arresters for bridge electrification using “Voltage Controlled Clearances”. In addition Tridelta’s smartCOUNT solution offers monitoring of these locations to ensure an operator is protecting the public with healthy arresters. This solution not only gives genuine health insights on your arrester estate but has the potential to provide data remotely.

Contact PACE today with your rail arrester or monitoring requirements.

Arrester Health Monitoring including smartCOUNT

smartCOUNT is a universal solution for monitoring and reporting of the health of your arrester estate

Both PACE Networks partners, Tridelta Meidensha and Bonomi Group offer solutions for arrester monitoring from traditional surge counters to more complex solutions, allowing impending faults to be detected early and avoid supply interruptions.

Tridelta’s smartCOUNT solution uses intelligent devices and trend analysis to track leakage and pulse currents. This universal monitoring solution works with every gapless ZnO arrester gives comprehensive arrester condition analysis. Maintenance free, smartCOUNT can differentiate between different arrester issues, deliver more intelligence for renewals planning and deliver data as alerts and online.

Whatever your arrester environment, talk to PACE networks about how monitoring could deliver benefits.


PACE Networks’ partners have the expertise and systems to create a solution to your protection challenges

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