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132kV Insulator Strings

PACE Networks offer insulators and fittings at 66kV and 132kV approved across multiple DNOs.


66kV and 132kV Insulator Fittings

PACE Networks source high-quality components for 66kV and 132kV tension and suspension insulator strings from leading suppliers.

132kV Insulator Strings

Insulators – Composite and Glass    BS fittings    Conductor clamps and fittings

Grading Rings for 66kV and 132kV installations    Arcing Devices

We can support you with our in-depth understanding of insulator string components and insulator project requirements.

Find out more about our 66kV and 132kV insulator component supplies below.


As a UK stockist of 132kV insulator strings, PACE Networks can assist with deliveries at short notice to reduce lead time delays that may arise from late project specification changes. Read more on our 132kV offerings below or contact us here.

High-Quality Composite and Porcelain

We offer a choice of high-quality, lightweight composite/polymeric insulators and reliable porcelain insulators.


132kV Insulator Strings

Composite Insulators

Rebosio have over 60 years’ experience in designing, developing and manufacturing composite insulators. Their lightweight silicone technology, Isoflon-E has over 30 years field record has performed well in polluted and high salinity environments. Rebosio’s HTV Silicone insulators offer advantages in terms of safety and cost, but also transport advantages that support carbon reduction efforts.

PACE Networks was awarded a multi-year framework contract by National Grid for the supply of polymeric insulators.

Porcelain Insulators

Victor Insulators are a leading global manufacturer of porcelain insulators with a lengthy history of reliable production. Their porcelain insulators are manufactured using the wet process, ensuring reliable, trouble-free operation.

PACE Networks hold UK stocks of 132kV insulators.

Suspension Clamps

Suspension Clamps

High-quality RIBE wedge clamps, compression clamps, and suspension clamps, along with other conductor fittings suitable for 66kV and 132kV insulator strings.

Find out more about RIBE clamps >

Find out more about 132kV conductor fittings >

70kN to 300kN Fittings

70kN – 300kN Fittings

Select from a broad range of 70kN to 300kN fittings for insulator strings from our well-established supply chain holding multiple *DNO approvals.

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Arching Devices

Arcing Devices and Arcing Horns

We supply arcing devices and and arcing horns to cover a range of conductor scenarios from single to quad conductors and different arcing distance requirements.

Find out more about RIBE clamps >

Insulator string knowledge and project support you can count on

With over 20 years’ experience in the power industry, PACE Networks has an in-depth understanding of
insulator strings and insulator projects and have supplied to multiple DNOs.


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