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Medium Voltage Insulators

PACE Networks offer a comprehensive range of medium voltage insulators including polymeric, glass and porcelain.


Insulator Fittings at 3kV to 66kV

PACE Networks partners with Bonomi Rebosio and Victor Insulators to bring extensive experience in high-quality insulator manufacturing.

Medium Voltage Drawings

Insulators – HTV Silicone, Polyethylene, Resin, Glass and Porcelain    BS fittings

Conductor clamps and fittings    Arcing Devices

We can support you with our extensive experience of insulator technology and UK stocking and logistics.

Find out more about our Medium voltage insulator supplies below.

High-Quality Composite

We offer a choice of high-quality, lightweight composite/polymeric insulators.


Composite insulators

Composite Insulators

Rebosio, have over 60 years’ experience in composite insulators. The light weight of silicone insulators ensures a safer work environment and greater flexibility around clearances. Composite insulators are able to withstand high pollution and salinity, and Rebosio’s high-quality design has been proven for over 30 years.

PACE Networks was awarded a multi-year framework contract by National Grid for the supply of polymeric insulators.

High-Quality Porcelain

We offer a choice of high-quality porcelain and glass insulators.


Victor Porcelain Insultators

Porcelain Insulators

Victor Insulators supply a wide range of standard and high-strength alumina and silica porcelain insulators to BS, IEC and ANSI standards. The company is dedicated to providing quality products and service along with competitive pricing.

400kv Insulator Strings

Low to Medium Voltage Compression and Helical Deadend clamps

High-quality RIBE wedge clamps, compression clamps, and suspension clamps, along with other conductor fittings suitable for 3kV to 36kV insulator strings.

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Low to medium voltage fittings

Low to Medium Voltage Fittings

Select from a broad range of 3kV to 36kV fittings for insulator strings from our well-established supply chain holding multiple DNO approvals.

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Insulator string knowledge and project support you can count on

With over 20 years’ experience in the power industry, PACE Networks has an in-depth understanding of
insulator projects and have supplied to the National Grid.


Other Medium Voltage Products


Vibration Control

400kv Insulator Strings

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Surge Arresters

Medium voltage surge arresters

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Corona Detection

400kv Insulator Strings

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Post insulators

Medium voltage post insulators

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