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400kV Conductor Fittings

National Grid Type Registered conductor fittings for 275kV and 400kV


275kV and 400kV Conductor Fittings

PACE Networks provide 275kV and 400kV conductor accessories to complement our range of composite and glass insulator strings

400kV Insulator Strings

Conductor Fittings    Helical Fittings    Vibration Control

OPGW, OPPC, ADSS Fittings    Conductor Joints

Find out more about our 275kV and 400kV conductor accessories below.

Delivering high-quality 400kV Conductor Fittings

PACE Networks provides high-quality conductor fittings from leading providers RIBE and Bonomi. All our fittings are manufactured in Europe to high standards and delivered quickly from our UK warehouse to meet tight deadlines and outage dates.

We have been supplying to major transmission and distribution companies, such as Western Power Distribution and National Grid for over 10 years and have a multi-year framework agreement with National Grid to supply RIBE conductor fittings. Type registrations cover our conductor fitting range, including vibration dampers which have passed the NG specification TS 03 04 35.

  • Multi-year framework contract with National Grid for supply of conductor fittings
  • Type Registered Conductor Fittings, including Vibration Control, Conductor Clamps, PG Clamps and Line Splice Shunts
  • High-Quality European manufacturing and UK Stock

Reliable performance
and value from RIBE

RIBE has been specialising in the innovation, design and production of high-quality electrical fittings for over 100 years, supplying products with reliable performance and extraordinary value.

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RIBE Vibration Study

To ensure the right vibration damper match for your conductor installation, RIBE can conduct a study to determine the number of dampers required and exact point of installation.

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Conductor Accessories available

Conductor Fittings

Conductor Fittings

  • Wedge Clamps
  • Helical Dead Ends
  • Compression Clamps
  • Suspension Clamps
  • Top Clamps
Conductor Fittings

Helical Fittings

  • Helical Dead Ends
  • Armour Rods
  • Armour Grips
Conductor Fittings

Vibration Control

  • Stockbridge Vibration Dampers
    (2 response or 4 response)
  • Spacer Dampers
    (2, 3 and 4-way)
Conductor Fittings


  • OPGW Hood Joints
  • OPPC Termination Units
  • OPPC Straight Joint Box
  • Suspension and Vibration Control
Conductor Fittings

Conductor Joints

  • Line Splice Shunts
  • Line Splices
  • Mid Span Joints
Conductor Fittings


  • Bird Flight Diverters
  • Interphase Spacers
  • Rigid Spacers
  • PG Clamps

Conductor fitting knowledge and project support you can count on

With over 20 years’ experience in the power industry, PACE Networks has an in-depth understanding of
conductor fittings and insulator projects and have supplied to the National Grid.


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