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Trident Package from PACE Networks

A Selection of High-Quality Manufacturers
to fit your Trident Project

Choose from our selection of high-quality European manufacturers to find the correct products to fit your Trident project. Register below for your free copy of the selection guide.
Trident Brochure

Simple Trident Product Selection – 132kv Wood Pole “Trident” Construction to ENA TS 43-50 Issue 2 : 2012

PACE Networks has created a Trident package that quickly allows customers to select correct products to fit their Trident project. The package is based upon products from a select few European high quality manufacturers.

Select your products from the following:

  • Line Post Insulators & Conductor Clamps
  • Pilot Post Insulators & Conductor Clamps
  • Tension Insulator Strings & Conductor Fittings
  • BS3288 Fittings for Tension Insulators
  • Stay Insulators

Register for a Copy of the Selection Guide

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    For further information on the Trident Package, please contact the PACE Networks team: +44 (0)1285 323 525 or

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