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Bonomi Group

Leading European Supplier of Innovative
Railway Electrification Infrastructure & Power Grid Infrastructure

Bonomi is an established supplier of cantilevers and overhead line fittings for railways across the world. Brands within the Bonomi Group include Rebosio, ISO Electric, OEMB and Bonomi Eugenio.

Assured Innovation / Proven Design Innovation

Bonomi Group offers a portfolio of innovative railway electrification infrastructure and power grid infrastructure solutions to the international market.

This includes complete railway catenary systems including cantilevers, composite and resin insulators, tensioning devices, droppers and a portfolio of connections and clamps. Within the power grid sector product solutions are provided from 11kV up to 500kV and include composite insulators, a large portfolio of clamps and connectors, epoxy resin insulators, cut outs and surge arrestors, and a portfolio of components and accessories for electrical overhead lines.

Brands within the Bonomi Group include Rebosio, ISO Electric, OEMB and Bonomi Eugenio.

History of Bonomi Eugenio

Bonomi Eugenio was founded in 1928 as a non-ferrous allows foundry. Expansion came in the 1950’s with the addition of electromechanical production, and further expansion came in the 1970’s with investment into the rail sector.

Bonomi Eugenio acquired the mechanical fittings specialist Lok Electric in 1999, the composites specialist Rebosio in 2003, the epoxy resin specialist Isoelectric in 2012, and more recently Bonomi Group acquired OEMB the indoor and outdoor substation switchgear specialist.

Bonomi is also one of three companies that developed the industry leading Omnia rail cantilever system. Learn more about Omnia here.

Bonomi operates from its manufacturing headquarters in Montichiari, Brescia, Italy. In total, the company has four manufacturing facilities in Italy, one in Turkey, and one in Brazil that is focused on the South American market.

Rail Technologies

  • Cantilever (Omnia)
  • Isolation & Switching (MLE)
  • Insulators (Bonomi Rebosio)
  • Earthing (MLE)
  • Tensioning Devices (Bonomi)
  • Section Insulators (Bonomi)
  • Underbridge Arms (Bonomi Rebosio)
  • Droppers (Bonomi)
  • Fittings (Bonomi)
  • Structures (CE2000)
  • Plant (NAEF)

Power Grid Technologies

  • Distribution Insulators (Bonomi Rebosio)
  • Transmission Insulators (Bonomi Rebosio)
  • MV Switchgear (OEMB)
  • Cast Resin Switchgear Components (Bonomi)

Bonomi Group has a significant portfolio of high quality innovative products. With vast experience and history, the company has significant product in use across the globe, this includes:

Bonomi Group Rail Best Sellers

  • 130,000+ – Aluminium cantilevers
  • 1,660,000+ – Composite insulators (Rail)
  • 3,000,000+ – Droppers new CuNiSi type
  • 8,800+ – Tensioning Devices
  • 26,000,000+ – Suspension, connection, earthing clamps/terminals

Bonomi Group Power Grid Best Sellers

  • 1,050,000+ – Composite Insulates 11/33 kV
  • 92,000+ – Composite Insulators 66 kV
  • 365,000+ – Composite Insulators 132 kV
  • 230,000+ – Composite Insulators 275/400 kV
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