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Bonomi Rebosio

HTV Silicone insulator technology:
Proven for over 30 years

Bonomi Rebosio is a leading European manufacturer of HTV Silicone Insulators for railways, power transmission and power distribution, with a first-class record for quality and service life. With over 30 years of field experience for their current technology (Isoflon-E), Rebosio deliver a tried and trusted product to the market, which is backed up by detailed quality systems and techniques.

Bonomi Rebosio History

Rebosio Industria Elettrotecnica was created in 1920 for the production of components designed for railway overhead contact lines. From the 1960’s Rebosio began to look at composite materials as an alternative to traditional isolation of the electrical lines. Development started with first the production of fiberglass rods and then later Teflon insulators, earlier polymeric trials were held in the USA.

In the 1980’s Rebosio Industria Elettrotecnica patented the first composite insulators in silicone, designed for both the rail electrification and power grid industries. In 1992 Rebosio Industria Elettrotecnica was acquired by ABB Sae Sadelmi SpA and started developing complete lines and accessories for the suspension of the overhead catenary system for the high-speed railway lines, gaining a leading position in the worldwide railway scene. An extensive range of transmission and distribution insulators was also developed.

In 2002 Unità Operativa Rebosio was acquired by Bonomi Eugenio SpA and became EB Rebosio Srl. In 2003 EB Rebosio moved its headquarters in to a new factory in Madone (BG), Italy. In 2011 Bonomi Group established the EB Rebosio Turkey.

Today EB Rebosio, under the Bonomi Group, is still seen as a world leader in composite insulator technology, constantly at the forefront of innovation. Its proven technology extends to over 4 Million transmission HTV Silicone insulators manufactured over a 30 year period, with exceptionally high reliability standards.

Rail insulator categories include:
  • Under Bridge Arms (insulated head option)
  • ATF Post (twin conductor option)
  • Tension Insulators
  • Strut and Top Tie Insulators
  • Heavy Duty Strut Insulators
  • Return Conductor Insulators
Power Grid insulator categories include:
  • Tension & suspension insulators
  • Anchoring insulators
  • Station post insulators
  • Line & pilot post insulators
  • Insulated suspension cantilevers

UK specific Power Grid solutions for:

  • 11&33kV Distribution
  • 132kV Wood pole (Trident)
  • 132kV Towers
  • 275/400kV Towers
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