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SHEC System - Live Line Geometry Tool


SHEC system products

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Avoid working in MEWPs, reach difficult locations, save time gathering clearance data

The SHEC System was designed to be used by OLE teams for precision measurement of OLE geometry & gauge clearance surveys without the need for traditional intrusive methods of data capture. The equipment works with a set of traditional set of live line working poles (LLWP’s) utilising Bluetooth technology and a rugged tablet for data capture and provides the ability to access track and live OLE between trains running in a normal timetable.

Utilising a highly accurate IP65 rated laser measuring instrument which is suitable for use in most environmental conditions, the SHEC allows the OLE teams to undertake the following measurements:

  • Measurement of OLE system heights
  • Dropper measurement
  • Measurement of clearances from OLE to ancillary conductors
  • Measurement of live equipment to earth such as OLE Portal structures OT cantilevers and bridges

The kit consists of the SHEC gauge and body, a LLWP adjustable adaptor and rugged tablet.

Live Line Tool

Live Line Geometry Tool

Measures 500 mm to 2200 mm (Depending on inserted pole), accurate within 1.0mm.

Fully Adjustable

Fully Adjustable

Fully adjustable between 0 and 90 degrees to take measurements between horizontal and perpendicular planes.

Bluetooth Enabled

Bluetooth Enabled

In-built laser enables the operator to record wire wear measurements in real time at ground level via Bluetooth to a paired tablet .

Reduced Costs

Reduced Time & Costs

Eliminates the need for RRV and Isolation, and reduces maintenance team sizes.

Boots Off Ballast

Boots Off Ballast

Reduces risk from working at height and avoids OLE proximity.

SHEC System Hastec Rail

Key components of hastec rail SHEC System

  • Lightweight design removes any strain on the operator whilst working above head height
  • Wireless Bluetooth with remote functionality enables the operator to stand a safe distance
  • Laser device has an IP65 protection class rating allowing work to be carried out in damp and dusty conditions
  • Paired tablet, included with pre-installed software
  • A retro fit adaptor allowing easy coupling to Network Rail approved glass fibre pole

SHEC System Features

SHEC System – Technical Specifications Overview

Technical Specifications – Con-Tec Gauge


Non-conductive plastic

Product Protection

Class 2 Double Insulated



Units of Measure

m, ft, in, mm


± 1.0 mm @ 150m

Download Full Technical Specifications

SHEC System Technical Specifications

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