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Fixed Termination Monitoring and Tension Systems


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Maintain accurate tension and avoid excess line distruptions

Managing temperature and tension related problems associated with fixed termination Overhead Line Equipment (OLE) has been an ongoing challenge. In addition, traditional methods of re-tensioning are inefficient due to labour and plant requirements.

With Hastec Rail’s Fixed Termination Sensor Monitoring and Catenary Roller System, operators are now able to effectively monitor and maintain FT OLE with minimal resource and disruptive access. Available time within possessions can now be directly spent working on wire runs – maintaining, adjusting and locking in known tensions.

Overview of Hastec Rail monitoring system with fixed termination sensor

With increasing temperatures, especially during the summer months, the effects that extreme heat events can have on Fixed Termination (FT) equipment cannot be ignored. The ability to manage the potential threats and disruptions that sagging OLE can cause is crucial.

Hastec Rail’s Monitoring System with Fixed Termination Sensor enables operators to monitor tensions and proactively maintain FT equipment, moving to condition based maintenance regimes.

This load cell sensor easily integrates into existing rail infrastructure, measuring tension in conjunction with the monitoring system. Configurable alarms and alerts also provide operators with real-time tension updates.

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Fixed termination sensor

Overview of Hastec Rail fixed termination catenary roller clamp system

Hastec Rail’s Fixed Termination Catenary Clamp System allows maintenance teams to set line tensions through the quick release of the catenary wire with inbuilt rollers. This system enables teams to re-tension in a much shorter timeframe, whilst also maintaining accuracy of line geometry, enabling accurate tensions across all spans.

Reduces, and where possible, removes the need for chain lock, sling and roller use, allowing maintenance teams to quickly and accurately complete the required works.

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