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Balance Weight Monitoring System (BWMS) - Railway Monitoring System

Live Railway Condition Monitoring to Reduce Overhead Line Failures


Balance weight monitoring system

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Improve OLE reliability and reduce costs with a Railway Monitoring System

Hastec’s balance weight monitoring system (BWMS) is a first-of-a-kind railway condition monitoring solution that delivers safety, reliability and major cost savings to the network. It acts both as a live data feed on the status of the network and an alert system when there is a high risk of dewirement.

With mounting costs of personnel based railway condition monitoring, rewiring works and fines from TOCs for loss of service, Hastec BWMS railway monitoring system is not only justifiable in terms of cost, but in reducing hazardous work conditions for OLE lines staff.

Condition Based Maintenance

Condition Based Maintenance

Prediction for Contact wire Creep / programming of future maintenance.

Alert System

Alert System

Provides alert notifications when there is a high risk of dewirement.

Live Data Feed

Live Data Feed

Live monitoring for extreme heat and OLE network status with updates to the Hastec Rail dashboard.

Reduced Costs

Reduced Costs

Helps reduce the cost of monitoring, rewiring when dewiring occurs and TOC fines for loss of service.

Boots Off Ballast

Boots Off Ballast

Reduces manual monitoring and overhead line working.

Avoid Dewiring and Track Buckling during Extreme Heat Waves


Hastec Rail’s BWMS railway monitoring system not only addresses the need to get boots off ballast and reduce hazardous working for lines-people, but is also a critical part of managing heat-wave preparedness. The system begins gathering valuable data long before the summer season arrives.

With a live feed on ambient temperature, weight stack position, and critical limit proximity, and the potential to monitor rail temperature, line tension and wind speed and direction, the railway monitoring system not only alerts asset owners to high-risk situations (dewirements and track buckling), but also provides cross-network data for interrogation on any OLE incidents. This in turn feeds back into greater intelligence, reducing future dewirements.

Hastec’s BWMS integrates easily with rail infrastructure (UC and DC Masts, AC frames) and includes all fixings with SPS for mounting. Installation and calibration can be completed in just 30 minutes (2 people).

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BWMS railway monitoring system

Key Components of Hastec Rail Balance Weight Monitoring System


The Hastec BWMS railway monitoring system consists of the following components:

  • All required fixings and SPS (includes mounting bracket and sensor bracket)
  • Data logger
  • Reliable LI-ION battery with battery monitoring to prevent overcharging/discharging
  • Self-contained solar panel and charging system
  • Critical limit switch – Measures when the weight stack is at its most dangerous position (position defined upon installation) and sends a signal to the data logger unit to inform the end user.
  • Ultrasonic weight stack position sensor – Measures the height of the weights from the sensor bracket.
  • Temperature sensor – to measure ambient temperature.
  • Aerial – for outbound data signal

Optional: Rail track temperature sensor – to prevent against track buckling.

Balance weight monitoring system diagram

Hastec Rail BWMS – Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications – HASTEC BWMS


Steel Framework and Stainless Steel Bolts
System Enclosure – GRP
Li-ion Battery (25.6V, Capacity: 40Ah)

Environmental Protection

System Enclosure – IP66
Battery – IP56

Data Collection

GPRS 4G Cellular Communication in Text/Email Formats:

  • Ambient Temperature
  • Weight Stack Height
  • Data/Time
  • GPS Location

How a Hastec Rail BWMS customer has significantly reduced costs and improved safety with railway condition monitoring

For one of Hastec Rail’s customers, the BWMS system has not only helped to get boots off ballast and reduce rewiring work but has prevented dewirements and reduced costs significantly.

  • 5 systems fitted in 2022 prevented 3 likely dewirements, with an estimated £3M saved.
  • Savings in the cost of watchers across 12 days of the heat wave in 2022 was around £20K per location (£40K if you consider lost work).

The BWMS railway monitoring system has created an opportunity to drastically reduce the annual rate of rip-downs (circa. 2%) with the potential to save many millions in direct costs and fees.  Hastec Rail’s BWMS also supports initiatives to address the ORRs OLE Hot Weather Resilience paper

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