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RCMT and PACE Networks partner to grow design and modelling services in the UK and Ireland

Winter NewsletterPACE and RCM Technologies (RCMT) recently signed an agreement to deliver technology led, highly competitive engineering design services to the UK and Ireland. Having worked on significant substation projects previously in the UK, RCMT are looking to utilise the advantages of integrated design and construction methodologies to become an established player here and in the Republic of Ireland. Working with power grid specialist PACE Networks, the combination of local knowledge and global experience offers strong value to operators and contractors.

Services on offer include: 3D scanning and modelling, ideal for brownfield sites; 4D modelling for construction simulation; flexible design and modelling services from 6D through to drafting; and accurate as built data modelled. With skill sets running through mechanical, electrical and civil engineering, RCMT bring experience in substations, overhead line, power generation, renewables, protection & control, steel structures and other industrial applications.

The integrated design and construction approach adopted by RCMT consolidates phases of the project by providing a model with more information and clearer visuals. In addition it unifies disciplines through collective modelling of their individual systems and infrastructure.

Add risk mitigation to the above advantages and projects have reported savings through the lifecycle including*

7-12% Better Price Estimation During Bidding

3% Cost Accuracy Estimation

50% Time Savings in Design Document Phase

60% Fewer RFIs

7% Project Schedule Savings

Andrew Elliott, business development director for transmission and distribution at PACE, summarised the approach as “doing more of the work in the design office to deliver a faster, safer project with less unknowns when you get to site.” He went on to say “With RCMT we’re able to make use of the latest software technology and their global experience in engineering design. That does mean a greater investment up-front but the rewards come throughout the project and beyond. Maintainers will be dealing with issues, confident in the site information they see in the model, again meaning efficiency and safety benefits.”

RCMT’s reputation and growth have been founded on the consistency of their technical delivery in combination with fulfilling schedule expectations. With tangible value and competitive pricing RCMT could be said to be making the step into modelling an easier one to justify.

Frank Petraglia, RCMT’s Engineering Services President, commented, “We are excited to be partnering with PACE to expand our European footprint further and continue to add value and efficiencies to clients across the globe.  With PACE’s experience in substations, rail electrification, and overhead line work, we can deliver more projects using our proven technology and methodologies while leveraging a cost-effective approach.” 

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