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Rail Insulators  – 25kV

Rebosio Insulators from PACE Networks

Rebosio’s first installation of rail insulators in the UK came in 1992 on the Salt Coats line in Ayrshire. The ceramic insulators on this line, which runs along the coastal boundary, were having significant problems with flashovers from the high saline atmosphere. Rebosio Isoflon-E insulators offered immediate improvements in terms of reducing flashover incidents and greatly extended lifespan. Since that time Rebosio has established itself as the leading supplier of European rail insulators thanks to continued investment in updated products and manufacturing technologies.

Rebosio Isoflon-E Rail Insulators offer a wide range of products including:

  • Under Bridge Arms (insulated head option)
  • ATF Post (twin conductor option)
  • Tension Insulators
  • Strut and Top Tie Insulators
  • Heavy Duty Strut Insulators
  • Return Conductor Insulators

UK Standards:  MK3, UK1, CTRL, GE/Series 1 and Series 2

Rebosio rail

ISO 9001
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