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Pear Pac Enhances Isolation Teams’ Work Environment

Pear Pac Enhances Isolation Teams' Work Environment

PACE Networks are now stocking and selling the innovative Pear Pac to teams taking isolations of electrified railways. The first teams to secure their Pear Pacs are finding that as well as fulfilling the primary function of the device – to avoid injuries, the comfort of carrying equipment hands-free means they are free to focus on the task at hand, speeding up isolations and improving safety around the work. The Pear Pac features a well-padded, adjustable backpack and an adjoining plate with mounted prongs for securing flexible earths and RoLE boards. Contact PACE today to secure your allocation.

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Contact Wire Measurement on Rigid Catenary – Network Rail Approved

Hastec Rail gained another Network Rail approval for their range of state-of-the-art surveying equipment, their Con-Tec Beam. Contact PACE Networks today to discuss a demonstration or trial of the Con-Tec or Con-Tec Beam.
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New Products in PACE Networks Stocks

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