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New Headquarters for PACE Networks


The team at PACE Networks have been seeking a new home for some time, with the availability of warehousing greatly reduced during the pandemic period. Finally, in January of this year, we signed a contract for a site that was just 400 meters from our previous office, this time with the warehouse attached and more space. We were quickly able to make use of the warehouse space with access from March and the office move in early April. The benefits of the new site include better access, improved facilities and roof-mounted solar panels.

PACE is also benefiting from increased storage space and some customers are making use of this by storing their supplies in our warehouse. In the current climate of disrupted supply chains and increased demand for products in our key markets, this is seen as an important tool in avoiding project delays from lead time issues. In all, there is over £3M of stock in our warehouse including products that we hold to improve lead times and client stock.

The increased space is also helpful for product assembly, and this has been a feature of our business since 2018 when we began assembling cantilevers for Network Rail electrification projects. Since that time, we have further improved the carbon footprint of the Omnia cantilever (as well as lead times) by bringing it into us at a small component level and assembling it locally. As well as bringing supply chain efficiencies, this contributed to a 34% reduction in Omnia’s carbon footprint, helping to reduce the impact of electrification projects in the UK. Other activities carried out in the PACE warehouse include kitting of Transmission and Distribution insulator strings, assembly of line fittings and other documentation/shipping requirements of project sites.

Since moving, PACE has welcomed engineers and design teams to our warehouse to see products up close and learn more about product roadmaps. Do get in touch if you would be interested in visiting us in the Cotswold Water Park, Gloucestershire.

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