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Hastec Rail

Rail Overhead Line Innovators

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Hastec Rail

Meeting the challenges of overhead line railways through monitoring, measurement and innovation.

With 65 years of combined experience, Hastec Rail uniquely fuses practised rail experts with industrial innovation and development specialists from automotive, to develop novel rail overhead line solutions for safer and more productive working environments.

With an in-depth understanding of the UK electrified rail network and extensive experience in operating Britain’s overhead line railway infrastructure, Hastec Rail is uniquely positioned to meet the challenges OLE Engineers face, delivering disruptive solutions and improvements to some long-standing OLE problems that affect construction, maintenance, and incident response.

Real-time data gathering is at the heart of Hastec’s solutions providing significant cost-savings, productivity improvements and safety benefits which are key for slimmed-down organisations and for the UK rail network as a whole.

Hastec Rail is continuously investing and developing rail overhead line solutions that challenge the way things are done.

Moving to safer working, more efficient processes, easier access with modern measuring and monitoring solutions

Never has there been greater focus on worker safety and team efficiency. Hastec Rail’s overhead line railway solutions deliver powerful benefits to OLE workers and asset managers. In simple terms, using Hastec’s products allows engineers to be safer, be more productive and to deliver more reliable data.

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PACE and Hastec Rail

Innovative measuring and monitoring solutions for rail overhead line engineers

Rail Overhead Line Solutions

Safety - Access - Intelligence

Hastec Rail bring together their understanding of UK rail and expertise in technology for safer, faster working and to support the railway in transforming for the digital future.



Be Safer


Be More Productive


Deliver More Reliable Data

Monitoring, measurement, and solving
rail overhead line problems


OLE Problem Solvers

OLE Problem Solvers

  • Replacement Steady Arm
  • Fixed Termination Roller

“Working closely with Network Rail engineers, Hastec Rail has provided solutions and improvements to some long-standing problems in the field of Overhead Line. These solutions will give significant safety, productivity and data acquisition benefits to Network Rail.”

Darrel Tiddy, Senior Asset Engineer (Support) Electrification

Hastec Rail Services:

  • Bespoke Manufacturing
  • Installation and Service
  • Training
  • Research & Development
  • Calibration
  • After Sales Service
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