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PACE Networks Product Approvals

PACE Networks place a high priority on product approvals and offer a growing range of products currently approved by

National Grid

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National Grid

PACE continues to work with both National Grid and now EPC contractors to broaden our scope of supply to the UK market across Polymeric Insulators, Insulator Fittings and Conductor Fittings. Should you have a specific requirement for NG that is not on our current list please contact the PACE team so we can complete development and Type Registration in support of your business needs.

Product/Product Range Partner
4 Response Vibration Dampers for Lynx, Keziah, Zebra, Totara, Rubus & Matthew Gap conductor types RIBE
Other Conductor Fittings e.g. Line Splice Shunts for Lynx & Zebra RIBE
Rubus Suspension Shoes RIBE
BS Fittings various Rebosio

TNO’s and DNO’s

PACE has a well established approvals process for the majority of other UK TNO’s and DNO’s. The range of currently approved products we offer is continually growing. If your business has specific requirements please contact the PACE team to see how we can help.

Product/Product Range Partner
Insulators Tower Rebosio
Trident/Post Insulators Rebosio
BS Fittings Rebosio
Conductor Fittings, Suspension Shoes, Vibration Dampers, Bird Deflectors RIBE
Surge Arrestors Tridelta/Bonomi
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National Grid Product Approval
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